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openKylin 0.9.5 version released, supporting X86, ARM, and RISC-V architectures!

2023-04-06 14:10:18 623

On January 12th, 2023, openKylin 0.9.5 was officially released!

Built on Linux 5.15 kernel, openKylin 0.9.5 comes with the all-new UKUI 4.0 desktop environment, optimized for tablet mode, upgraded system interconnectivity functions, and supports device projection, remote control, and fast file transfer, bringing you a different interconnectivity experience. Additionally, a new "graded freezing" mechanism has been added, which implements graded control of system applications to ensure smooth user experience. VirtIO-GPU hardware video acceleration has also been integrated, significantly improving the system's 3D performance and providing smooth graphical display effects.

Furthermore, the new version now supports ARM architecture and is compatible with Raspberry Pi and COOL Pi development boards, meeting the diverse needs of users. The new and improved software store is also now integrated by default, and over 260 known system defects have been fixed, including issues where the cross-platform collaborative system and mobile app versions could not connect and partial sound module functions were unavailable after upgrading from version 0.7 to 0.9. This further enhances the system's interaction experience and stability. Welcome to download and experience it!

UKUI 4.0 Desktop Environment

The all-new UKUI 4.0 desktop environment supports one-click switching of system themes, notification center global gesture activation, dynamic shortcut buttons, PC & tablet switching, etc. It also supports animation effects and has been optimized for tablet mode, adding more tablet-specific features such as gesture operation, touch screen, vertical display, etc., bringing you a brand new experience.

"Graded Freezing" Mechanism

"Graded freezing" is a process lifecycle management mechanism designed and developed by the openKylin community. By "grading" applications in different states and "freezing" applications that users have not operated on in a special way, system resources (such as CPU, disk I/O, memory, etc.) are released, prioritizing the resource allocation of the user's current operating application, and enhancing the user experience.

VirtIO-GPU Hardware Video Acceleration Mechanism

To address issues such as high CPU usage and video stuttering in virtual machines while playing high-definition videos, the openKylin community's Virtualization SIG has developed a hardware video encoding and decoding acceleration mechanism using a front-end and back-end architecture for VirtIO-GPU, significantly improving the user experience in virtual machine scenarios.

Multi-architecture Support

In addition to the X86 architecture, the new 0.9.5 version unlocks the ARM architecture and officially supports the Raspberry Pi and Cool Pi development boards, enabling a Raspberry Pi software and hardware integrated development mode, breaking development boundaries and exploring unlimited possibilities. The version also completes the adaptation of the RISC-V architecture Plathea Yei-Ying 1520 development board to meet users' diverse needs.

Newly Designed Software Store

The UI style of the software store has been redesigned, with a cleaner and more beautiful interface, clearer application classification, and easier synchronization. In addition, openKylin ID login support has been added, comprehensively enhancing users' visual and operational experience.

Installation Method

Download the new installation through the official website:

2.Users who have installed openKylin 0.9 can upgrade through the following method:

$ sudo apt update

$ sudo apt upgrade

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