Starting From Design, Understand UKUI4 In Advance

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Background: With the maturity of the Internet and the pursuit of portable products by users, the context of the times and popular culture have undergone changes. Lightweight design has become an inevitable topic in product design.

Scenario: Connect the keyboard, allowing users to respond to various problems in work and study; Remove the keyboard and smoothly run the Android app, making reading, entertainment, and gaming videos effortless.

Design Concept

The path of lightweight - visual focus and easy interaction.

From a visual and experiential perspective, a comprehensive and multi-dimensional lightweight upgrade is carried out to create a lightweight perception.

The needs of users for products are multidimensional. Not only does it have high requirements for the "appearance" of the product, but it also pursues

convenience in carrying and smoothness in use. It is willing to engage in immersive emotional interaction with the product during office and entertainment.

Visual Optimization

Visual focus, optimized from three dimensions: wallpaper, icons, and controls

Wallpaper: Comfortable and vivid

  • Wallpaper update: conveying the design concept of UKUI 4

  • Implement dynamic wallpapers to increase desktop liveliness and fun


Icon: Round And Inclusive

  • Adjust the size of the linear icon and use rounded corners at the end of the lines to make the structure friendly and meet the aesthetic needs of young users;

  • In some scene interfaces, the system icons adopt a design style that combines thick and thin, deep and light, breaking the monotony of the interface and enriching the visual hierarchy;


Control: Lightweight And Intelligent

  • Increase the curvature of the rounded corners, increase spacing, leave white space, create a sense of control breathing, highlight key information, and make the content easier to read;

  • Unify the height of controls in both modes and standardize consistency;

  • Supports multiple languages and follows Accessible Design Rules (WCAG);

  • Token binding helps components achieve unified iteration and deployment.


Experience Upgrade

Easy to experience, by optimizing existing experiences, filling gaps, creating product features, and upgrading important modules.

Lightweight Features:

  • Weakens the entry points of infrequent functions, making the entire interface clean and lightweight, reducing noise and disturbance;


Interactive Expansion:

  • Support keyboard and mouse, gesture, and voice operation interaction methods;

  • Unified experience between computer mode and tablet mode;


Multi terminal Adaptation:

  • Suitable for computers, tablets, large screens, as well as horizontal and vertical screens;

  • Window adaptation and grid processing of interface structure ensure a unified order of product structure.


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